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Topsail Islands Swing Bridge Photos

We love our Swing bridge here at Topsail Island.  Ask most folks about it and you will usually see a grin on their faces. Some remember coming the beaches as kids and having to wait in the long line of traffic just get onto the Island.  Others remember when it was a floating bridge that was exciting to cross.  I can only imagine what fun that must have been. Knowing soon it will be your turn to get over the the shores of Topsail Beach.

Our photography of the Swing Bridge has been a few years of getting up early to catch the sunrise and examine how the light is illuminating the bridge. After years of honing photography skills and spending time  visiting the swing bridge, A relationship developed. These are a few of my favorites. They were all taken within the past 5 years to date.

Below are some links to other Aerial Photos of Topsail Islands Swing Bridge.

Panoramic Photo of Swing Bridge Topsail Island NC

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